Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Year, New Blog, New Album, New Band

As '09 begins to make its own way, no longer that sorry, after-thought of a year that sits next to the scribbled out '08 in your checkbook, I thought I'd tell you good folks a bit about what's happening here at self-indulgence headquarters.

So obviously the Blog is new but I'm also proud to announce the birth of a new record, appropriately titled for this space, "Queens English". The record's basically a melancholy love letter to NYC and life in its outer-boroughs. I'm not going to lie and say it was an easy birth; two years in utero, I'm happy to report album and father are doing well. A bit of a departure from albums past but I think there's still enough in the sauce as to not disappoint those who like their MB 'old school'.

I produced, recorded and mixed a lot of the album myself although that said, I also got by with a little help from my friends; well, a good deal of help actually. Many cool folks kindly lent their time and talents to the effort and for that I'm eternally grateful. One album track of which I'm particularly proud, "Bridge & Tunnel", finds yours-truly crooning over an orchestral background and features the upright bass stylings of Norah Jones' producer/bassist, Lee Alexander. Famed engineer George Marino also lent his talents and mastered the record at Sterling Sound.

If anyone would like to join my mailing list and receive an advance mp3 from the album just drop a note to - with "free track" in the subject heading.

Going forward, as I look for a release home for the album and prepare for the record to 'drop' as they say, I've also assembled a live band with some old friends - Cheri, Matty, John - and some new - Jay-Sherman Godfrey (Laura Cantrell) and Bob Byrne (The Sharp Things) - coming on board. Hopefully we'll be hitting the stage soon (once we get our sh*t together).

As always, thanks for your support,
Bartles & Jaymes


  1. I like what I'm hearing so far. And, one more reason to look forward to summer!

  2. Am so looking forward to this record and am quite confident it will be one of the best of this new-ish year.

    Cheers Mark.

    David Poe