Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the Air Tonight

I'd be lying if I said it's been a boring week...

The excitable optimist in me would love to elaborate but unfortunately he's been put in a full-body cast (as usual) by his evil twin, the eternal pessimist. Hopefully one of these days "Mr. Sunshine" will get his day in court but for now he has to settle for his usual dreams of revenge and a wire hanger to scratch those nagging itches

Between you and I (whispers), Sunny did manage to rattle off a few choice tidbits I'd like to share as he was wheeled off to x-ray -

I'm happy and honored to report that the unlikely premise of a songwriting collaboration between your humble corespondent and legendary British producer Hugh Padgham (The Police, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, etc) has become a reality
. A track of ours will be included on a special project that Hugh will be producing. Pretty heady stuff for a kid who used to take the bus to the record store back in the day to snatch up cassettes of (unknowingly at the time) Padgham produced albums like The Police's "Ghost in the Machine", Split Enz's "Time and Tide" or XTC's "English Settlement". If you were alive in the 80's/90's chances are any time you flipped on your radio or watched MTV you were hearing a lot of music that passed through the very capable hands of Mr. Padgham. Even you snickering hipsters reading this right now (I hear you, btw) have to admit that at one point or another you've secretly air-drummed to the gated tom fills of "In the Air Tonight". You have Mr. Padgham to thank for that bedroom rockstar moment, beard-boy.

In addition to his numerous past accomplishments, Hugh is just as active these days having recently produced Brit-pop wunderkinds McFly amongst others.

Anyway, I'll pass more info along on this and the other potential good happenings when I can; Mr. Pessimist is giving me dirty looks and Sunny's calling me to hold that bent straw up to his blow hole.

You can't hurry love,

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  1. With one breath, with one flow, you will know synch licenserey.