Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Blog

Welcome to the first post of my Blog, "Queens English". Who am I? Well, my name's Mark Bacino - I'm a singer of songs, a writer of songs and a producer of songs (is that too many 'songs' for one sentence?) based in the NYC borough of Queens, aka 'the new Brooklyn'.

When I'm not making noise in the studio or on the stage you'll most likely find me annoying my lovely and talented artist wife, "P" or hanging with my (sings
Liverpudlian-like) "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...beautiful boy", Lee Joseph (he's 3).

I suspect all of the aforementioned will spill into these virtual pages as things progress.

Why should you read this? No idea, really. I suppose if you like my music and you're bored you might enjoy reading about what kind of peanut butter is in my fridge (Skippy = safe?), what kind of microphones I favor (Neumann) or who's music I'm currently listening to (Ryan Adams "Heartbreaker"). I am only here but to humbly, yet narcissistically, lay it all at your feet for your perusal, enjoyment, involuntary eye-rolling, etc.

Stay tuned...



  1. Look forward to your latest adventure online.


  2. Thank God that brand of peanut butter isn't on the recall list! LOL