Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doin' the Body Rock

"C'mon on and get that rock 'n roll in your feet, in your feet, in your feet. C'mon and get that rock 'n roll in your feet, doin' the Body Rock..."

So two days a week my son and I go to Nursery school; we play games with the other kids and their parents, we make construction paper Snowmen, we read stories, we learn how to share everything from snacks and toys to the occasional Strep Throat virus (a personal fave) but best of all we do, "The Body Rock".

A highlight of 'circle time' (at least for me)
along with the other awesome jams we kick out like "Copycat" and "Animal Action", "The Body Rock" sounds kind of like it was cut by The Georgia Satellites after a Frosted Flakes bender and encourages everyone to employ various parts of their anatomy and "shake it up to the beat". Good times.

Now of course I'm probably supposed to insert some more snobby-ass, hipster musician comments here or lament the corporate co-opting of my sacred Rock 'n Roll for the day-care set and beyond but nay, I won't; we can save that for the Grammys (do they still have those, btw?), instead what I shall humbly leave you with are simply the wise words of Body Rockers, Greg & Steve...

"When you get your body rockin' to that rockin' beat, the feelin' is oh, so sweet..."


Listen to The Body Rock and other faves

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