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"The music of New York-based singer/songwriter Mark Bacino is steeped in the sparkly, head-bobbing melodicism of classic mid-'60s pop. To date, he has yet to release a song that hit the three-minute mark..." - Rolling

"Bacino is a trad-pop wonderboy whose '60s-inspired tunes need to be heard..." - TimeOut NY

"Mark Bacino, whose tunes point both to mid-'60s singles bands and later three-minute stars like Elvis Costello..." - TimeOut NY   

"Mark Bacino performing his CD, The Million Dollar Milkshake, with its marriage of T-Rex-meets-Raspberries sound. A very pure-pop for now people kinda effort." - Village Voice
"Queens English proves that it's possible to introduce actual maturity into pop with no adverse effects. ...The real masterstroke, though, is that (Bacino) imbues these topics with that same sense of wonder at the heart of all great pop songs." - All Music Guide

Mark Bacino is an American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in New York City.

As an artist Mark has three album releases to his credit - 1998's "Pop Job" (Parasol), 2003's "Million Dollar Milkshake" (Parasol) and 2010's "Queens English" (DreamCrush Music).

As a producer, Mark has lent his talents to many TV and film projects as well as other artists and producers, collaborating with the likes of fellow producers Peter Zizzo (Avril Lavigne) and Marc Swersky (Hilary Duff) to name a few.

Ongoing, Mark continues to deftly split his time between producing music for himself and others, TV/film composing work and writing and performing. Anyone interested in learning more about Mark's writing/production services should visit -

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