Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Not That Guy"

"It's been a long time, now I'm, coming back home..."

Truer words have never been sung.

Contrary to the wildly exaggerated rumors of my incarceration for grand theft auto (out-of-date inspection sticker) and a mid-life crisis walkabout (spent a few hours at a Vespa shop), I'm still very much here, folks.

Granted, not that you'd know it.

After spending the last few years behind the scenes - building a new studio, producing/mixing for various artists and writing for such publications as Guitar World and Songwriter's Market - I've finally gotten the chance to return to my original post as singer-songwriter with the release (7/22) of a newly minted single, "Not That Guy" (DreamCrush Music).

An up-tempo, piano-driven, (some have even said "jaunty" - don't you love that word?) pop rock ode to the perils of "friend zone" banishment, "Not That Guy" features my old friend Jay Sherman-Godfrey (TMBG, Laura Cantrell) on guitars/bass/keys, Joe McGinty (Ryan Adams, Ronnie Spector) on piano and was mastered by Ted Jensen (Paul McCartney, Eagles) at Sterling Sound.

Given my schedule, I've found myself a bit time challenged of late when it comes to recording music for myself as an artist. Rather than waiting to amass an album's worth of new material before sending it all out into the world, I thought why not release the new tunes as I finish them? As such, "Not That Guy" marks the first of several, single song releases I have planned for the coming months.

I mean, unless I pick up that Vespa or something.


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