Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Queens English 2.0

After crawling out from under four months worth of construction materials, acoustic treatments and patch cables last April, I quietly went back to work in my shiny, new studio space (left/below) somehow neglecting to alert the media (aka your bad selves) that The Queens English 2.0 had become a reality. Now, close to a year later, in efforts to remedy my oversight (& obvious lack of business sense), I thought I’d spread the word about my new-ish, sonic sanctuary.

Starting to feel as if I’d outgrown the original QE, I decided to take the plunge and design/construct a new, custom studio space from the ground up. Being as dangerous with a hammer as a dude with gambling issues at the track, I found a good acoustic consultant and a solid contractor and we were off to the races. A few, um, “interesting” and semi-daunting months later, a fully heated, cooled, ventilated, soundproofed and acoustically treated cozy but effective studio was born.

That said, it's important for me to make the distinction that I don't view the space as a traditional, commercial “studio” for rent, per say, but rather a sonic laboratory/workshop for all my musical endeavors, ranging from production work for other artists, to tracking or mixing gigs, to composing original music for picture.

So if you’re a singer-songwriter looking for someone with my musical sensibilities to produce-record-mix your new tune, give me a holler. If, maybe, you're looking to record a VO or podcast or even looking to mix a track you recorded on your laptop, hit me up, I'd be happy to hear from you. Likewise, if you're looking for someone to score your ad spot or indie film, feel free to reach out as well. Never working on the clock (a total drag, I've been there) we offer affordable, per-project rates for every budget.

To make contact to discuss a project, please email me at – or visit for work samples and more info.

Let's make some awesome music together in the new digs, shall we?

God save the Queens!


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