Monday, November 8, 2010

Reelin' in the Years

Stumbled upon this live version of "All I Want" while poking around the vaults the other day. Thought I'd dust it off and post it here. The clip comes from an appearance I made on the television show Fearl*ss Music (circa '03? '04?).

The audio from this raw footage is unmixed and a little distorted sounding, giving the song a sort of garage rock quality which I kind of like for reasons unknown to me. I also look somewhat "elevated" in this clip for reasons unknown to me now as well. Free, on set tallboys, perhaps? Just say no to drugs, kids.

One of my few memories from this taping (aside from the free beer) was the troubling lack of adequate vocal monitors on set - hearing one's voice over the band was a bit of a, let's say, challenge? But hey, no excuses folks, I am, after all, a semi-professional.

Not my best performance but... Ah, the sound of youthful, rock 'n roll exuberance...

The Band -

Cheri Leone: backing vox/percussion

Matty Karas: gtr

Greg Beshers: lead gtr

Tom Ward: bass

Ed Klinger: drums

MB: glassy-eyed skifflin'

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