Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reelin' in the Years Pt. II

"How About Always" from an appearance on the television show Fearl*ss Music (circa '03? '04?).

Since folks seemed to enjoy the “
All I Want” clip posted here a few weeks back, I thought I'd post another tune from the Fearl*ss Music sessions.

As before, same rules apply - the audio is unmixed/garage rock-esque, I look kind of out of it and the singer (aka yours truly) can hardly hear himself (not my personal best) over the din of the crazy rock combo but once again…

Ah, the sound of youthful, rock 'n roll exuberance...

The Band -

Cheri Leone: backing vox/percussion
Matty Karas: gtr/backing vox
Greg Beshers: lead gtr/backing vox
Tom Ward: bass
Ed Klinger: drums
MB: creative caterwaulin



  1. Hey, Mark: I thoroughly enjoyed both the song and the performance. And your singing reminded me (a lot) of Andy Sturmer. That, to me, is a big PLUS.

  2. Thanks Peter, you're too kind. Glad you enjoyed the clip. And thank you for the Sturmer comparison; indeed high praise and good company in my book.