Thursday, April 15, 2010

Speakin' The Queens... Pt. 8

As the release date for my new album, "Queens English", approaches (5/18), I thought it might be a fun idea (if only for me) to try and maybe dissect the record here at the old Blog space. A bit of a behind the scenes look under the hood so to speak. Since I've always dug reading about some of my favorite albums track-by-track, I thought that might be an interesting way to approach. Eleven tracks in eleven installments? Can I pull it off without boring even myself? Got me. Stay tuned and find out... Hey, does this jacket make me look fat?

Track 8: "Blue Suit" -

Not quite sure what provoked such a random thought, but it occurred to me one day, likely while staring blankly into my closet, that a lot of dudes probably own only one dress suit (don't say you weren't warned about the randomness). Maybe I'm generalizing but I'd venture to guess that most non-corporate-raiding types, such as myself, usually have that one, all-purpose Men's Wearhouse sitting under the dry cleaner's plastic patiently awaiting it's call to arms like some sort of sensible, low-thread-count sentry. Riffing on these thoughts like a mentally disturbed haberdasher, "Blue Suit" soon made it's way out of my head and onto the rack.

As I sketched out the bones of this melancholy lyric, I found my lonely, well-dressed comrade becoming more character than metaphor. A manic depressive figure that only seems to materialize 'round the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Kinda like that old, grade school friend you only see at weddings and funerals these days who still knows you better than most, having seen you through your best and your worst.

Blue Suit

Saw it hanging there today
Neatly pressed and tucked away
Oh, my blue suit, my blue suit

Stood above my father’s grave
The sadness like a tidal wave
In my blue suit, in my blue suit

It’s kinda worn and frayed
It’s seen my worst and better days

Humbled by her wedding gown
The clouds gave way, the sun shined down
On my blue suit, on my blue suit

It’s never worn the doldrums of an ordinary day
Its only world, black tie and pearls, sunshine and gray

It’s kinda worn and frayed
It’s seen my worst and better days

Probably wear it one last day
Say goodbye and go our way
Oh, my blue suit, my blue suit…

Next time on "Speakin' The Queens...", I try and hit one to center with Track 9, "Middle Town".

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