Friday, April 30, 2010

Speakin' The Queens... Pt. 10

As the release date for my new album, "Queens English", approaches (5/18), I thought it might be a fun idea (if only for me) to try and maybe dissect the record here at the old Blog space. A bit of a behind the scenes look under the hood so to speak. Since I've always dug reading about some of my favorite albums track-by-track, I thought that might be an interesting way to approach. Eleven tracks in eleven installments? Can I pull it off without boring even myself? Stick around, find out and meet my one boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy.

Track 10: "Ballad of M & LJ" -

In an attempt to add a little balance to the album when it came to the subject of parenthood, I thought it would be cool to include a track that would vouch for the sheer awesome-ness of being someone's Dad. As such, "Ballad of M & LJ", written for my son, celebrates life with my boy and also serves as my self-response to the polar opposite sentiments on child rearing offered up earlier in the album with "Camp Elmo".

From an intellectual standpoint, the writing of a tune like this can be kind of tricky - too overly sentimental and some folks will inevitably tune out; Not sincere enough and it can all seem disingenuous. Thankfully I quickly came to my senses, kicked all those conscious thoughts to the curb and just wrote from the heart. Seemed like the better plan.

Ultimately, "Ballad..." presented itself as a very simple narrative chronicling a day in the life of Mama P's two boys busy doing nothin'; highlighting those everyday little minutes that don't seem to count for much but, in reality, add up to it all.

Musically speaking "Ballad of M & LJ" features the fine French horn work of Rob Jost, the pretty backing vocals of LJ's Mom herself, Mrs. Bacino and yours truly on all other sonic embellishments.

Hey LJ, this one's for you, big; it's your song. Think of your ol' mom and pop sometime when you hear it. Love u.

Ballad of M & LJ

Hangin’ with Lee Joseph
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever known
Just kicking cans and skippin’ stones
With you…

Hangin’ with Lee Joseph
No two finer pals the world has seen
A one and one half wrecking team
Us two…

We might eat three ice cream cones
We might even listen to The Kinks
When your Mommy’s not home

Singin’ La, La, La, La…

And there will come a day
When you say, “Daddy, aw go away”
That’s okay…

We might finger-paint the cat
We might even do a little dance
On that bubble wrap

Hangin’ with Lee Joseph
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever known…

Next time on "Speakin' The Queens...", we come to the end of our musical word parade with Track 11, "Who Are Yous?".

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