Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Like Wearing Clothes

Mark Bacino - "I Like Wearing Clothes"

After completing my new album, feeling fairly burnt out and feeling as though there was nothing left to squeeze from the creative ether, surprisingly new tunes began to appear.

There must be 5 million songs in the history of pop music that encourage people to take their clothes off. For some reason I thought it was time to write one about keeping them on. See above lo-fi, web-cam jam; lyrics below if you'd like to follow the bouncing Blog and sing along.

Sorry for the substandard audio, apparently my laptop mic came with a sweet, built-in phaser effect.
I like to pretend it's 1976, Phil Ramone's producing and after a bottle of red and a few bottles of white we've decided to throw a Small Stone across the whole mix.

Guess I am still crazy after all these years.

Don't go changin',


I Like Wearing Clothes

Ever since I was a little lad,

I hated strippin' down it made me sad
Bath time terrors, watch the teardrops flow

I'm sorry Momma, I like wearing clothes.

Now I'm grown, I'm not that little man

And my baby she just cant understand

Why she's never ever seen my toes

I'm sorry baby, I like wearing clothes

Don't take me for a seaside holiday

Shorts and sandals, ah keep them away

No, skinny-dippins' never in my plans

Cause I only burn, I never tan...

Not comfortable inside my birthday suit

Rather have a jacket and a nice pair of boots

Now I'm no crazy semi-kind of prude

It's just a lifestyle not an attitude

Styles may come and styles may go

Muffin tops and bellies hanging low

Not everybody's body's built for show

I'm sorry people, I like wearing clothes

I'm sorry Momma, I like wearing clothes

I'm sorry baby, I like wearing clothes

Copyright MB 2009/BMI

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