Monday, July 25, 2011


"...And the livin' is easy"

Or at least so goes the Gershwin classic. And, really, I can't argue as I check in from this quiet, country cottage Southampton way; Our family, seaside vaca in full swing.

That said, truth be told, I'm not a big fan of the summer; never have been. I come from a long line of perspiring Sicilians. Growing up my Dad had an air conditioner in every room of the house. One August day our neighbor came to visit wearing a parka. He thought we were crazy but we were happy as clams (in the freezer section).

In addition to my freon-dependent DNA, I also think my long-standing summer reservations neurotically stem from feelings of intimidation fueled by the expectations of all those "Hot Fun in the Summertime" cliches that accompany the season - Like, what if I don't particularly feel like having fun, fun, fun? Or worse yet, what if I really try to have a sunny, sultry blast but my summer's a total wipe out? Isn't that way too much pressure to put on one's self... especially when it's so damn hot?

But, just as the seasons change, surprisingly, I find myself loosening up a bit these days when it comes to my summertime blues. Despite my contempt for temperatures above 70 degrees (and an acute shorts phobia), I've promised myself to at least try and take advantage of some of what these brief, sun-drenched months have to offer, expectations be damned, before Daddy takes that T-Bird away.


PS - In keeping with the spirit of this post, check out one of my favorite "summer" songs below by my old pal, Michael Shelley -

(Can't see the player? Click here to listen)

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