Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kids Wanna Rock

"Turned on the radio
Sounded like a disco
Musta turned the dial for a couple of miles
But I couldn't find no rock n' roll

This computerized crap ain't gettin' me off
Everywhere I go - the kids wanna rock" - Bryan Adams

First off, just wanted to remind everyone that the band folk and I will be playing some new jams and some old faves at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn this coming Monday night (8/2, 8p) as we celebrate (somewhat belatedly) the release of my newest long player, "Queens English". If you're free, please join us as we make a racket in the back room then retire to Pete's awesome garden for a mid-summer night's libation under the stars. Details below -

Mark Bacino
Mon. August 2, 2010 - 8pm

Pete's Candy Store

709 Lorimer Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

*Free Admission*

Lastly, in quick literary transition from live to Memorex -
It struck me this week, in a wave of randomness, just how much I rely upon YouTube vids these days while investigating new musical finds. After, say, reading about a new band or artist, I find myself, almost reflexively, hitting my YouTube browser tab long before heading to iTunes, MySpace, etc. Usually I find your standard issue, MTV-era, bells and whistles video or a DIY Flip Cam vid but sometimes I land on a fan made clip, as I'm sure you have, consisting of nothing more than a tune from the band in question along with a static picture lasting the entire duration of the song. You would think given the obvious nature of YouTube as a visual platform this would be a detriment to the video's popularity but often I find these "static" vids to have thousands of plays. Go figure - The fascinating nexus of YouTube as Web 2.0 jukebox and modern man's uncanny ability to bend technology toward never intended uses coupled with his timeless need to simply get his groove on.

It's with all these lofty concepts in mind that I thought it might be fun to post some music from my new album in simple, YouTube neo-jukebox form -

I suppose no matter the medium, the kids still wanna rock.

A wise Canuck that Mr. Adams, no?



  1. Great to see a new album! Will there be any other dates?

    - Another "Mark"

  2. Thanks Izzy/Mark! Appreciate the comment and the kind words! Drop me an email if you pick up the new album; would love to hear your thoughts. Always appreciate feedback.

    To answer your question, there should be other live dates and possibly a Ustream broadcast if we can get to it. My website always has that kind of info posted so you can check that from time to time or if you like you can always sign up for my mailing list at my site and receive email updates. You'll also receive a free mp3 if you join! Quite the bargain ;-)

    Thanks again!

    All the Best,
    Yet another "Mark"