Friday, May 7, 2010

Speakin' The Queens... Pt. 11

As the release date for my new album, "Queens English", approaches (5/18), I thought it might be a fun idea (if only for me) to try and maybe dissect the record here at the old Blog space. A bit of a behind the scenes look under the hood so to speak. Since I've always dug reading about some of my favorite albums track-by-track, I thought that might be an interesting way to approach. Eleven tracks in eleven installments? Can I pull it off without boring even myself? I suppose the answer is 'yes' since this marks the final chapter but anyway, pull up a metal recliner and crack open a Piels, there's still one more question that needs to be addressed...

Track 11: "Who Are Yous?" -

As I focus on the last track of the record this week, I realize the song's title could also be used to sum up the musical journey of self-discovery traveled in the creation of this album. From the very DIY production methods I found I needed to employ in order to achieve my vision, to the (sometimes unknowingly) autobiographical nature of the songs, this project, ultimately, helped me come to terms with where I'm at and what I'm about these days.

Written from the hard-boiled perspective of a neighborhood old-timer and intended as a response to the gentrification celebration that is the album's title track, "Who Are Yous?" also, hopefully, serves as a minimalistic mini-metaphor, highlighting those occasions of flux in our lives when we're forced to look within, ask big questions and reconcile, for ourselves, who we are with who we were and who we thought we'd be.

Who Are Yous?

Who are yous?
Who are yous?
Speak when you’re spoken to
Who are yous?

Could always sit out here
My lawn chair and a beer
And listen to the game

But since you kids appeared
With your long hair and your beards
Nothing is the same…

Who are yous?
I said who are yous?
Speak when you’re spoken to
Who are yous?
What’s this world coming to?

Who are yous?

Much love to everyone who has read and listened over the course of these eleven weeks. I truly appreciate your interest and support. Thank yous!


  1. Thanks c0527onniemcgehee! Happy you enjoyed the series and don't worry, I'll certainly be posting more of my ramblings soon ;-)

    Thanks again,